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The Dew is our classic all-around commuter/townie option for someone looking for a comfortable ride. The Dew is an efficient bike that features a drivetrain with a broad gear range and integrated brake and shifter levers. We have four sizes available - small, medium, large and x-large. Equal parts functional and fun, the Dew is the perfect bike for cruising the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail.

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Welcome to the Snake River Canyon Rim Tour

Enjoy spectacular views and a wide variety of wildlife and plant life as you walk, hike, or bike along the fully paved Snake River Rim trail. Easy access to this 6.5 mile trail is available at multiple points. Click on Locations for a map and a full list of locations.

The Snake River Canyon was formed by the Snake River in the Magic Valley region of Southern Idaho, forming part of the boundary between Twin Falls County and Jerome County.

The canyon ranges up to 500 feet deep, 0.25 miles wide, and runs for just over 150 miles

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Pillar Falls

View the Pillar Falls from the trail. Pillar Falls is a series of cascading falls accentuated by towering Rhyolite pillars. The falls are about 1.5 miles upstream headed towards Shoshone Falls.

Evel Knievel

The world-famous daredevil Evel Knievel attempted to fly his sky cycle across the Snake River Canyon from this location on Sept 8 1974. The earthen ramp is the last remnant of a massively popular event that was televised around the world. Ride bikes right up to the jump.

Shoshone Falls

If you’re visiting Shoshone Falls and see there is not a waterfall happening, first, look west! This Snake River Canyon view shows the perfect “photo opportunity” of the jarring steep canyon walls. Even if Shoshone Falls is dry, there will still be water in the Snake River. This view is stunning at sunset and truly is one of the best views of the Snake River Canyon.

Dierkes Lake

Another fun place to visit right above Shoshone Falls is Dierkes Lake. Despite the low water, Dierkes Lake will be full. Enjoy a 2 mile hike around the lake that will show you rock formations, Snake River Canyon views, and views above and next to Dierkes. If you’re a climber, there are plenty of routes to enjoy at Dierkes Lake, bouldering and sport. This is also a perfect sunset location, especially when the water stills and the reflection of the walls show on the lake.

Perrine Bridge

Named after the founder of Twin Falls, this bridge is 1,500 Ft. long and spans the beautiful Snake River Canyon. Not only is it a four-lane bridge, it also has pedestrian walkways on both sides that offer spectacular views of the Snake River. The Perrine Bridge is a popular destination for BASE jumpers from all over the world. It is one of the few structures they can use without special permits from the city.

Twin Falls Visitor Center

The Visitor Center and Chamber of Commerce beside the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a public park located inside the Snake River Canyon. The park offers spectacular views of the I.B. Perrine Bridge and the Perrine Coulee Falls. There are seasonal kayak and paddle board rentals, zip lining, boat docks, picnic shelters, a playground, and hiking trails.

Stop along the Trail

Located on a particularly picturesque bend of the Snake River in Twin Falls, Elevation 486 is a charming and modern bistro serving up eclectic new-American cuisine with global influences. While the dining area and patio terrace offer stunning view of the Snake River Canyon, the Perrine Bridge and the surrounding magic valley region, the spectacular food has marked this restaurant as one of the top ten best restaurants in the State of Idaho.

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